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Saving money simply - save money buying the same way you do now

We provide codes negotiated with suppliers to save you money off your purchases from medical supplies to stationery.
You still buy them direct from the supplier in the same way as you do now, but input a code at check-out or quote over the phone to save money on your purchase - that's it, enjoy a discount on us!
NB: All purchases are made directly between you and the supplier, GPWales simply presents the Primary Care specific codes we've organised on your behalf and is not part of the purchasing process at all.

For Practices and for People!

We're gathering suppliers willing to offer discounts for Personal users as well as Practices. We're sourcing not just medical equipment but also everyday items, like money off your pizza takeaway or holiday!
We're taking suggestions on suppliers to contact now; what do you fancy saving some money on?

What? Money off everything I buy?

We have more suppliers joining us all the time since our launch on 9th January 2017 who want to better access the GP market in a simpler and cheaper way - every supplier will have different terms - some offer money off everything, some on certain items.
All the information for each supplier is found in their page via the 'Discounts' page in your menu once signed in.

What's the catch?

We don't think there is one - everyone wins, all we ask is that you offer feedback to us about the supplier and how they could improve.

  • The supplier saves money on marketing as they can compete directly and simply to the 'purchasing decision maker' and so can pass that saving on to you.
  • We are funded by the suppliers in exchange for managing the site and gathering your feedback to pass back to them
  • You save money using the suppliers you want to - there's no requirement to use them any more or less than you wish to

Suggest a supplier you want to keep using

We are able to offer our Locum Management services to you for free, maintain the site and continue to investigate new features due to our funding from suppliers - if you don't want to use a supplier currently on our list for anything you buy, please suggest them to us so we can get in touch!

Sign up now and start saving money

Sign up now and start saving money

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